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    Harry Kane

    Not read any the 1475 pages. But just to say if you get him, you’ve landed yourselves possibly the best striker in the world and one of the best ever Prem strikers - he is sheer class and has been for many years now.
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    ive done same Facebook.
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    What do you like doing more than anything else ?

    Go for a massive long run then get absolutely sh*tfaced.
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    It’s Twitter. Just an abhorrent pit of abuse. Why anyone bothers to post stuff on there I do not know.
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    Classic Rock (Where everything's louder than everything else)

    Rush - Spirit Of The Radio REM - What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? T-Rex - Telegram Sam The Beatles - Revolution Genesis - Firth Of Fifth Tom Petty - Free Fallin Slade - Cum On Feel The Noise Led Zep - Kashmir Oasis - Live Forever The Who - Baba O Riley
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    41 today

    The baby of Bluemoon
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    my conspiracy theory is this report to get people back on trains if they feel 'unsafe'' going back to the office
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    ‘and yet the reality has definitely not moved on inside our hospitals. "This hospital, but also the NHS more broadly in Greater Manchester, is possibly going through its toughest time of the pandemic, right now."
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    yep. I was full of praise for them initially- but they can’t continue like this forever. There is always going to be outbreaks every time they reopen.
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    Tokyo 2020 Olympics | Wednesday 4th August Schedule (page 95)

    Yet if every player had the personality of Tim Henman. People moan. Tennis tantrums have always been part of the game - people loved McEnroe for it and still do. I don’t understand the hate for Djokovic- his dedication and passion to win every point is beautiful to watch, aswell as his all...
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    hopital admissions are still rising and there’s a lot of pressure on hospitals right now for whole variety of reasons.
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    Running thread

    more to play with is my motto
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    Running thread

    I enjoyed the girls arse in front of me for half hour.
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