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    Perfectly cast roles in films

    Bambi Woods in Debbie Does Dallas
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    Kids season ticket upgrade to adult for one game

    Every home match I use my lads ( 9 yo ) , my old fella ( over 65 ) uses mine , and my lad uses the old fellas , just to see if we will ever get pulled at the turn style ...... 3 years later , no ones ever batted an eye lid .
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    Looking for Match Suggestions

    Altrincham v Brackley Town ..... Might Even Get To See The Premier Leagues Bentest Referee In The Crowd.
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    Huddersfield (H)

    Chances are slim I know !!! .................. but if anyone has 2 together Please, Please PM me , it'll be appreciated , Thanks
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    Alexis Sanchez

    The Thought Of Them Dirty Rag Twats Singin ........... You Signed Jonny Fuckin Evans , We Signed Alexi Sanchezzzzzz , Is Pissin Me Right Off .
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    Utd v City post match

    Otta , KDB , Merlin & Edder Were Awesome ........ Hope Them Red Twats Keep Donut , Thats 27 We've Put Past Him Now !!!! Well Done Blues .
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    Jonny Evans

    Imagine The Money Generated In Shirt Sales !!
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    Famous acts to have played for City

    Mickey Doyle - Boardwalk Empire Bravo And Dabo - Kompany ( BAD ) Company
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    It's Quiet - a new dawn

    Harry Arter ?
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    It's Quiet - a new dawn

    If you lie the i on top of the l it becomes a T , them the other letters in alexis are a,e,x,s ............. anagram of Texas ?
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    Each managers best signing

    Steve Coppell - Eddie McGoldrick
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    Eto'o odds on

    Re: ETO ODDS ON Sheik Rattle and Roll
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    Shaleum Logan
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    Sign Landon Donavon !

    I'd rather we signed his brother , Jason
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