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    Best Ever Headed City Goal

    And no Blue has had a bad word to say about the fella ever since
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    It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders

    They'll be a long queue for Bernardo at that price
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    Crowd or No Crowd

    Which City players, past and present, thrive on a raucous, heaving crowd being in attendance? - I'm thinking KDB, St Vincent, Andy Morrison, Franny (just look at his face - albeit against us) Lee? Which players might not state anything publicly, but may well find that their form improves...
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    It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders

    Think I read something about that in the Metro
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    Season Tickets - 2021/22

    Sorry if this is a Titanic style question but my daughter has an 18 month old son she would like to sit on her knee occasionally. Is it right that he has to have his own ticket and if so about how much would it cost? We have season tickets in Colin Bell 327
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    Rodney Marsh and Dennis Tueart

    Richie Benaud would have liked this post
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    Champions League Final | Post-Match Thread

    A terrible, terrible disappointment. Pep just cannot resist it can he?
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    Champions League Final | Pre-Match Thread

    Spending quite a bit of time in Eccles at the moment as clearing my mum’s house out (she died of Covid just before Christmas). Historically my mum was a Cheadle Hulmer but moved in with an Eccles fella early 2000s, both have now unfortunately passed away. Pleasantly surprised how many Blues...
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    Champions League Final | Pre-Match Thread

    Are you a little chilly?
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    Champions League Final | Pre-Match Thread

    Feeling bizarrely confident and calm, can’t see passed a relatively straightforward win with the boys in blue performing fantastically. Quite how I will feel in 10 hours time is probably a very different matter!
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    League One play-off Semi-Final Games

    Come on Sunderland
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    How many points will be needed to win the league? (74 GD)

    I recently had cause to purchase a small quantity of champagne from a local trader. It has subsequently been ensconced within my refrigerator for a period of time. I wonder whether any members of the board are able to confirm whether Wine Merchants tend to operate a sale or return policy?
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    Chelsea (H) | Post-Match Thread

    Still fuming - largely concerning the starting eleven, the formation, the penalty, the non-penalty. Make four of five changes tops, bring in players who deserve to start - Laporte, Rodri, Cancelo, possibly two of Aguero, Sterling or Jesus with on-form players. Definitely do not take out all...
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    How many points will be needed to win the league? (74 GD)

    Good point, last thing we need is Stonesy dicking about in a rabbit costume a couple of days before PSG
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