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    New tattoo ideas

    How do I post pics
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    This Weekends other games

    Re: This Weekends other games put a bet on in ladbrokes had a match that had kicked off the told me it would be void but it wasn't when i checked at home anyway all my other games come in apart from that one and two that kick off later would of got 2k too
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    Grand Theft Auto 5

    anyone looking for a crew
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    Grand Theft Auto 5

    silly question but not sure had an email from asda saying it has left there warehouse but on yodels tracking it says awaiting collection will they have it and just not updated the tracking because of the weekend got the email at 12am saturday night/sunday morning
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    Fulham at home our recent record.

    Re: City Vs Fulham Pre Game Discussion thread espn free this weekend to
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    song for Nasri

    ohh nasri plays for man city hes amazing hell take your breath away if he scorces today oooooooooooooh nasri to ohh mandy
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    The aguero song.......

    when the moon hits your eye cos its blue in the sky thats aguero when the ball hits the net its a good bet thats aguero and you see that man city have aguero
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    ESPN half price!!

    sorry if posted but espn is free this weekend <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... o-s-pizza/</a>
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    Maine Rd terrace characters

    got told a story about a man who had a broken leg in a derby at main road and throw his crutch into the rag end and a policeman went and got it him and gave it him back
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    Stevie G Bid imminent?

    Cant see this... not that Gerrard wouldnt agree to sing but hasnt this 'source' already been proved to be a farce ? Apologies if I am wrong mind ! :-) no need for apologies think this guy full of shit myself just like reading what shit he comes up with just thought i would pass on
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    Stevie G Bid imminent?

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> MCFC_Bluemoon .Gerrard apparently agrees to join City, in principle. No other offers we're made for his services!
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    Calling notice to all Streamer & Ticker tape throwers.

    after it is done all scarfs in the air and bluemoon
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    no a lad we relesed (ian benett) who was in the same youth team as him whene asked him a couple of years what he was like sed he was a bit of a toss and a lot of the lads dint like him
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    Official - City end interest in Eto'o [merged]

    Re: Samuel Eto'o [merged] was it yellow
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    Official - City end interest in Eto'o [merged]

    Re: Samuel Eto'o [merged] website up and running now
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