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    All Time Top 1000 Albums : Rush (Permanent Waves) P64

    I may be biased, I have been into Talking Heads since being a teenager in the 80's and still listen to it now (though not as much) I think some of their stuff is genius, but the stuff that even to me isn't, is still never bland, boring and simple album filler tracks, they have produced some...
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    All Time Top 1000 Albums : Rush (Permanent Waves) P64

    criminally underrated and not listened to properly album 9/10
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    The Battle of Boundary Park - Good (Bad) Friday 1984

    Ahh, Lloyd Road that brings back memories, happy days
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    Neville Kneville

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    Premier league to sell matches on Netflix style service

    We have this now in Australia, I pay $30p/m for my mobile to Optus (telco provider like B.T.) then a further $15 for Optus Sport which streams all games live to my t.v - it works well
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    Work: What Did You Wanted To Be, and What Did You Become?

    Always wanted to be a pilot Ended up a Corrective Services Officer ( a screw )
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    Tiger Woods arrested for drink driving

    A drink driving charge will certainly handicap him
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    Favourite Arcade Machines

    The car collecting flags may have been Rally X
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    Favourite Arcade Machines

    Dig Dug for me, have always loved it, now i'm in my 40's I treated myself to one of my own a few years ago.
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    Mad Eyed Screamer's Ultimate Smiths Quiz (Quiz 4, P4)

    1. I won't share you 2. This Charming Man 3. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now 4. Pete Burns 5. Liverpool
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    Mad Eyed Screamer's Ultimate Smiths Quiz (Quiz 4, P4)

    Thank you, I'll be able to sleep now, and so obvious now I see it in front off me
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    Mad Eyed Screamer's Ultimate Smiths Quiz (Quiz 4, P4)

    1. What Difference Does It Make, How Soon Is Now, Is It Really So Strange 2. How Soon Is Now, Rusholme Ruffians 3. Mike Joyce - Work Is A Four Letter Word 4. Bigmouth Strikes Again 5. Paint A Vulgar Picture (has the lyric) You Just Havent Earned It Yet Baby and the 2nd part to No. 5 is driving...
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    What's your Job Thread?

    Corrective Services Officer
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    Aussie Blues...

    fingers crossed, as stated before I'm not Optus biggest fan and Fox works for me
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    Aussie Blues...

    mmmm I'm not sure it's a good thing, I binned Optus off because their mobile coverage was wank, and the internet dropped out daily, hope they have improved - I do live in Queensland mind, it's like living in a cave in the Jurrassic period regarding technology.
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