Coronavirus (2021) thread


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10 Feb 2021
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Manchester city
After some sums I found that in the past month - whilst Delta has arrived, increased then fell in Bolton but colonised the rest of the NW the number of patients as a perentage of those in hospital in England has risen from 18% to 33%. (up from 152 out of 810 to 328 out of 993.

Ventilators have gone from 15 out of 115 (13%) to 63 out of 170 (37%)

That ventilator number is a particular worry as it took NW from one of the best to the worst in a flash.

If every other England region follows a similar path as Delta spreads there over the next month you see why it matters far more than it might appear right now to act to try to mitigate the problem.
Slightly worried we will need more than 5 weeks to get on top of the delta V ?


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25 Apr 2009
A crackpot anti vaxxer theory that the Vaccinated shed "something" that is dangerous. to the extent that Antivaxxers in the states are starting to wear masks to protect themselves from the vaccinated......

Id like to say, You couldn't make this shit up. but clearly someone can!.
Mental, thanks.

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