How long would you last in the ring with Mike Tyson in his prime?


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19 Oct 2010
I would go down after touching gloves before round one,bit like Bruno Ratface does after a feather-touch of a tackle.
Just a touch of Tyson's glove on mine would probably have enough power to see me off.

lefty goldblatt

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1 Jul 2012
This puts me in mind of when I trained to be a lion tamer in a circus.

I had my suit on, and had a chair in one hand and a whip in the other. I was just about to enter the enclosure, when I nervously said to my trainer
"What do I do if he starts to run at me?"
"Just throw some shit at it? Lions don't like shit" was his less than helpful reply
Quickly, I said "but what if there isn't any shit there? "
"There will be, pal. There will be"


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23 Dec 2009
St James's Park Newcastle, May 1968
Well now… Frank Bruno was paid $6 million for being beaten to a pulp by Tyson. True, he somehow survived five rounds before the referee was merciful. Now let's see, if we divide it up. There's no way I'd survive a round, so I'm not making a million dollars. A round in heavyweight boxing is three minutes. If I could somehow make it to a minute without him landing one on me, call it a third of $1 million — a bit better actually. I'll take it. Even ten or twenty seconds'll do me. It would at least pay the hospital bills to put my head back on.

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